Hello fellow ARC Sailors!
As you tie up at Rodney Bay after your exhilarating passage from Las Palmas, we at Boatshed.com, who have ridden the same waves and felt the same spray of the sea, invite you to a special celebration.

Your Ticket to Cheers: A Special Coaster

Your adventure on land begins with a Boatshed.com coaster – more than just a place to rest your drink, it's your guide to a well-earned free beer at the Boardwalk Bar.

Where and When to Join the Fun:

Location: Boardwalk Bar, Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. (CLICK for location)

Time: Anytime the bar is open just hand in your coaster.

Guests of Honor: You, the daring souls of the ARC.

Essential Gear: Your Boatshed.com coaster.

This is about more than just beers; it's about sharing tales of the tides and dreams of future voyages. If the winds of change ever steer you towards selling your boat, know that Boatshed.com is there to ease the journey with full brokerage service and a dedicated team across the Caribbean.

Full Sails and Happy Trails !

Boatshed.com crew x