At Boatshed, we value the contributions of those in the boating and marine industry. Whether you're a skipper, marine engineer, sailmaker, or connected to the marine world, you can earn with us through our two new programmes, now being trialled in Lagos Marina, Portugal.

Refer a Boat Programme:
Know someone looking to sell their boat in Lagos Marina? Refer them to Boatshed and earn twenty percent of the commission when the sale is completed. Our Refer-a-Boat application makes it easy: scan a QR code, share your referral link, and get rewarded automatically once the boat sells. Potential referrals include:
- Cruisers in the area
- Long-term residents or liveaboards
- Marine companies
- Other yacht brokers

Photograph a Boat Programme:
Love photography and videography? We pay £1 per high-quality photo and £10 per short video that meet our standards. Boats typically require one hundred to two hundred photos and three to six short videos, meaning you can earn significantly. No editing is required. Use our iOS and Android app for creating the photos and videos. The app guides you with clear instructions to ensure you meet our criteria effortlessly.

How These Programmes Work Together:
Refer a boat and photograph it for maximum earnings. Build a network of boat enthusiasts and photographers in Lagos Marina to support each other and benefit from Boatshed's success.

Make boat sales smoother and more profitable in Lagos Marina. Refer boats using our app, take beautiful photographs and videos with guidance from the app, and earn with Boatshed. To apply, supply your name, address, phone number, and details about your boating experience or passion via email to

Reach out today to learn more and get started.